Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The spring bear hunt should die - not more bears


Public outrage over the death of the young bear in Newmarket, shot by police in full public view!  The bear did not need to die.

Similar public outrage would be directed to the Minister of Natural Resources if there was similar public exposure during the spring bear hunt.  If the public witnessed bears shot by hunters from tree stands while feeding on garbage bait piles, they would be incensed.  If they saw female bears killed and cubs orphaned and left to die of starvation or predation, they would be outraged.

Hunters call this sport.  We call it cruel. And it should end. The fight to stop another sad and preventable death like the Newmarket bear should be extended to all bears killed in the spring.  The spring bear hunt should die this June – not more bears.

Please help us end the spring bear hunt.  Call or e-mail the Minister’s office and register your opposition.  Contact the Honourable Bill Mauro, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry at 416-341-2301 or e-mail at

For further information call Liz White, Animal Alliance of Canada,
416-462-9541 ext: 23