Friday, 31 August 2007

Please write Guelph!

It has been crazy in the office, to say the least. With people dropping by, computers driving us mad (they have been down for a few days now and work nearly ground to a halt), and Liz running in and out for meetings, all I can say is TGIF!

Liz's most important meeting was in Guelph on a trapping issue. At a leash-free park in 2006, Harper, a three-year-old Jack Russell, died horribly when his neck was caught in a conibear trap. His owner tried to free him but could not release the trap; Harper died in her arms as she watched helplessly. The MNR investigated, deciding that the trap was set legally and the trapper would not be charged. Karen, our resident Guelph staff member, immediately sprang to action and has since collected thousands of signatures in support of a citywide prohibition on trapping. Aside from being a cruelty issue, this is also a safety issue. Please write to the Mayor and Members of Guelph Council to tell them it's time to make Guelph a safe and compassionate city.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Our Love Bugs - Cujo and Buffy

I think Cujo (that's his handsome face in the pic at left) and Buffy deserve their 15 minutes of fame!

This lovely 5 year-old couple came into our lives quite a number of months ago. They were office cats at a company that changed ownership and employees were told that they would have to find them a new home. The transition was not easy for Buffy and Cujo, or for their previous caregivers; now we see why giving up these two sweeties was so difficult. We feel very lucky that Animal Alliance was chosen to be guardians for Buff and Cujo. No matter what new cat joins the office, Buffy and Cujo are always eager to make friends, even with the most difficult of felines. No hiss or swat has ever deterred these patient and forgiving souls.

Cujo and Buffy also eagerly await their morning and afternoon treat (a tiny bit of watered-down wet diet food!), Cujo moreso than Buffy. Thanks to their healthy food and entertaining toys, both have lost approximately two pounds! Cujo now weighs in at a hefty 18 pounds and Buffy, 10. Buffy is a little more lady-like and mostly reserved, but Cujo LOVES any available lap and LOVES to play. You'll get about 10 minutes out of him until he's down for the count! The more weight that comes off, the more he plays (when he first arrived, he had no interest in play).

A wonderful couple thought they might like to adopt Cujo and Buffy, and we were so ecstatic. We told them all these great things about the two, but when a visit was arranged, Cujo must have sensed a change in the air and decided he did not want to be adopted. He was distant and aloof for the entire visit, even shrinking away from us!

The little bugger got his way and has been here with no prospective homes ever since. I can't complain because I love them so much, but Cujo doesn't know what he's missing -- a soft couch, stairs to run up and down, company at night and on weekends. If you, or someone you know, would like to get to know Buffy and Cujo, please give us a call. When these two little love bugs wiggle their way into a home, I can guarantee it will be an adoption that some kind human will never regret.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Meet Tabby!

This is Tabby, the new addition to our office. After Beatrix found a home, we had space for another little kittly so Shelly brought us Tabby. She's a beautiful, friendly, young cat, who loves attention and loves to play! She's been here for less than a week and has already made friends with Cujo and Buffy. She greets me every morning at the door and follows us around the office as though she were a little puppy dog. I know we say this about all cats we meet but she really is a wonderful little girl! I hope, like I hope for all the cats we're fostering, that she'll find a home soon (but, at the same time, don't mind having Tabs here to play!).

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Beatrix was adopted!

Well, last week ended with an adoption! Yay!!! We wish every week could end that way : )

Taylor, a volunteer who runs our rescource centre, posted a flyer in his building about Beatrix, a beautiful, gentle 4-year-old female. Someone visiting a friend in the building saw the flyer and gave us a call. He arranged to visit Bea here at the office and, after a chat with Liz and Shelly, decided he would like to share his home with Bea. So far, things have been going just fine (yay, again!).

Bea's story is not unusual. We were contacted by a woman looking to adopt an adult cat. Shelly came across Bea at a shelter and decided that she would be perfect for this woman. Shelly brought Bea home and called the woman to tell her a wonderful cat was waiting for her. The woman said "4 years old! That's too old!" (grrrrr!) So Bea had to wait for some kind soul to open their heart and home to her.

Too many amazing critters are rejected solely because of their age. In Montreal, where 100 animals a day are killed, if you're not a kitten, you don't have a chance. They have so many cats and dogs, only the youngest are given the chance at adoption. Liz was there recently for a meeting on this issue and made it just in time to rescue Minou, who now lives with me. He's a beautiful, rambunctious, energetic 2-year-old (that's him in the pic above). And it makes me sick to think that he would have been killed simply because someone thinks he's "too old". There are simply too many and it's our fault -- but of course, it's the animals that pay the price. I catch myself glaring at people with companion animals that aren't fixed. I bite my tongue when people call the office looking to surrender their animals, especially when they aren't fixed. It's so simple yet this concept seems to be beyond the grasp of some people. Humans claim that we are more evolved and that other species are savage. At this point, I'm no longer surprised by our hypocrisy.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

First things first.

A good place to start would be with introductions. Many of you probably know us, but for those who don't, here you go. My name is Lia and, when I'm not cleaning up after the cats, I take care of our donors. Jacqui handles our Cosmetic and Product Testing campaign and is a technical whiz. And, last but not least, the head honcho - Liz - who beats down trappers then returns to the office for a snuggle with Cujo, one of our quirky office cats waiting for his furever home (more about him later).

We do it all here at the office: our amazing volunteers do our mail (many of you have received "Thank You"s from Morris!), Liz gives the government a piece of her mind, and Cujo pushes all my papers onto the floor and that's all within fifteen minutes of starting the morning! What can I say -- you have to be here to understand our organized chaos! And we hope you will be here -- we LOVE visits! Just a couple weeks ago, some wonderful donors of ours joined us for lunch. If you're in the area and need a coffee or a quick bite to eat, give us a call and pop on by : )

It's been a quiet morning so far, so I'd better get to work while I still can!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

So here we are!

So what DO we do everyday?

Here is where we can give you a weekly update on what we are working on, the issues we are winning, and the ones that are making us tear out our hair!

News and views and the ultimate reality show - life as an animal activist!

Please drop in often!