Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Cormorant cull protests to begin

Point Pelee National Park To Kill Over 7000 Birds In Four Days.

Beginning April 30, 2008, Parks Canada will shoot thousands of nesting double-crested cormorants at Point Pelee National Park. They have scheduled 4 days - April 30, May 1, 2, and 5 to complete the slaughter. It is going to be really bad and very sad.

Join Us In Protest against this killing of nesting birds.

Day of Action - Sunday May 18, 2008 (Victoria Day long weekend)

Point Pelee National Park – primary location


Ojibway Nature Centre – Windsor
Pelee Island ferry docks - Leamington
Rondeau Provincial Park – Chatham
Long Point Provincial Park – south of Kitchener
Ward’s Island - Toronto

The action is simple. It involves handing out information asking visitors to boycott Point Pelee National Park. For those visitors already at Point Pelee, we will ask them to wear black arm bands while in the park, and consider cancelling future visits to the park.

All action will occur outside the park gates and off park property.

The Peaceful Parks Coalition has called for a boycott of Point Pelee National Park because we believe a boycott would be effective. Visitors to Point Pelee are already at an all time low, and a strong rejection of park policy by supporters could halt the shooting of cormorants scheduled for the next five years.

Parks Canada is part of a broader partnership, that includes the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Toronto Region and Conservation Authority, Canadian Wildlife Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, whose mandate is to kill double-crested cormorants at their nesting sites throughout the Great Lakes basin, leaving no place safe for these birds anywhere.

For detailed background information, please link to and

The information that will be distributed will be an updated version of the two factsheets included below: Boycott Point Pelee National Park – Protect Birds and Why a Boycott Will Work.

The Peaceful Parks Coalition will provide all information factsheets, organize transportation and billeting for those who can travel to Point Pelee National Park, and will provide all participants with a protocol on how to interact with the public.

If you can help, please forward your full name, address and telephone number.

Please circulate widely

Peaceful Parks Coalition W. E. T. toll free 1.877.785.8636

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Cormorants to be killed as soon as tomorrow

The cormorants of Middle Island are to be shot as soon as tomorrow by Parks Canada. I would like to thank to everyone who spoke out on behalf of the cormorants. I will let you know what the next steps are as soon as we regroup. Below are the comments of Barry Kent-McKay, a board member and birder. His sentiments are shared by us all.

Dear Everyone,

I don't have the details, but apparently the judge ruled against us, and the cormorants, this morning. I haven't seen his ruling yet, but from the second-hand account I have it seems that he agreed on our legal argument, but still bought into the "ecosystem in peril" argument that Parks Canada presented. This is most frustrating to me, personally, since we are not allowed to present the "scientific argument", which at any rate is difficult for a lay person (which, outside matters of law, the judge is), to understand -- that we are not arguing that the cormorants won't alter the vegetation, even remove whole species, but that it does not matter as that is natural to the primal condition that Parks Canada is mandated to seek for the island. In other words I believe whatever the merits of our legal arguments that Parks Canada did not follow legally mandated processes, our "scientific" arguments are categorically valid. If Parks Canada's legal arguments fail (and like I say, I haven't read the comments, that's what I know via hearsay) and if we are not allowed to present scientific argument (or if we do it is automatically discredited) we don't have a chance.

Julie, Rob and Liz are either on Pelee Island, or will be there shortly. They, and other volunteers (badly needed, as is funding) will do what they can to document the killing. I can't believe that use of a .117 calibre rifle (that's the size of an air-rifle) that Parks Canada plans to use can do anything other than create an even higher wounding rate than the tragedy documented at Presqu'ile Provincial Park two years ago, using a slightly higher calibre (.222), with something like 30% wounding rates.

I honestly believe that some day people will have a more enlightened understanding of ecology, and the fact that natural ecosystems are not parks designed to conform to esthetic taste (not that I find a cormorant colony unattractive, but clearly others do). But it is a continuing, uphill battle. We have come a long way, but we have much further to go.


Friday, 18 April 2008

Annabelle's boys ready for their forever homes!

Well, spring has finally sprung and so have the kittens! Now that Earl has moved along in the adoption process, we have Annabelle and her boys here. Earl's home didn't work out so he's back with Shelly. If anyone is looking for a great cat who needs to be on his own, Earl would be a perfect fit.

Annabelle came to us from a shelter where staff felt they couldn't provide the best environment for a cat with newborns. There were just a couple days old (and looked like little gerbils!) when we brought them to the office. Now they're about two months old and full of spunk! They may look calm in the photo but don't let them fool you! They sleep for a couple hours then are tearing around the resource centre, climbing your legs (which we are trying to discourage -- it really hurts if you're not wearing jeans!), and pretty much getting into everything. The two little white guys are Sammy and Mickey McGee (with the darker ears). Then we have Tony the Tiger (the tabby on the left), Tiny Tim in the middle and Diego, the biggest and fuzziest of them all. They just got their vaccinations yesterday and the vet said they're perfect! Would you expect anything less = )

My allergies are running at full capacity with all these little furry bodies so if anyone is interested in a little bundle of joy (they're little trouble-makers but they're so darn cute!), PLEASE call or e-mail us at 416-462-9541 or