Friday, 18 April 2008

Annabelle's boys ready for their forever homes!

Well, spring has finally sprung and so have the kittens! Now that Earl has moved along in the adoption process, we have Annabelle and her boys here. Earl's home didn't work out so he's back with Shelly. If anyone is looking for a great cat who needs to be on his own, Earl would be a perfect fit.

Annabelle came to us from a shelter where staff felt they couldn't provide the best environment for a cat with newborns. There were just a couple days old (and looked like little gerbils!) when we brought them to the office. Now they're about two months old and full of spunk! They may look calm in the photo but don't let them fool you! They sleep for a couple hours then are tearing around the resource centre, climbing your legs (which we are trying to discourage -- it really hurts if you're not wearing jeans!), and pretty much getting into everything. The two little white guys are Sammy and Mickey McGee (with the darker ears). Then we have Tony the Tiger (the tabby on the left), Tiny Tim in the middle and Diego, the biggest and fuzziest of them all. They just got their vaccinations yesterday and the vet said they're perfect! Would you expect anything less = )

My allergies are running at full capacity with all these little furry bodies so if anyone is interested in a little bundle of joy (they're little trouble-makers but they're so darn cute!), PLEASE call or e-mail us at 416-462-9541 or

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