Monday, 20 August 2007

Our Love Bugs - Cujo and Buffy

I think Cujo (that's his handsome face in the pic at left) and Buffy deserve their 15 minutes of fame!

This lovely 5 year-old couple came into our lives quite a number of months ago. They were office cats at a company that changed ownership and employees were told that they would have to find them a new home. The transition was not easy for Buffy and Cujo, or for their previous caregivers; now we see why giving up these two sweeties was so difficult. We feel very lucky that Animal Alliance was chosen to be guardians for Buff and Cujo. No matter what new cat joins the office, Buffy and Cujo are always eager to make friends, even with the most difficult of felines. No hiss or swat has ever deterred these patient and forgiving souls.

Cujo and Buffy also eagerly await their morning and afternoon treat (a tiny bit of watered-down wet diet food!), Cujo moreso than Buffy. Thanks to their healthy food and entertaining toys, both have lost approximately two pounds! Cujo now weighs in at a hefty 18 pounds and Buffy, 10. Buffy is a little more lady-like and mostly reserved, but Cujo LOVES any available lap and LOVES to play. You'll get about 10 minutes out of him until he's down for the count! The more weight that comes off, the more he plays (when he first arrived, he had no interest in play).

A wonderful couple thought they might like to adopt Cujo and Buffy, and we were so ecstatic. We told them all these great things about the two, but when a visit was arranged, Cujo must have sensed a change in the air and decided he did not want to be adopted. He was distant and aloof for the entire visit, even shrinking away from us!

The little bugger got his way and has been here with no prospective homes ever since. I can't complain because I love them so much, but Cujo doesn't know what he's missing -- a soft couch, stairs to run up and down, company at night and on weekends. If you, or someone you know, would like to get to know Buffy and Cujo, please give us a call. When these two little love bugs wiggle their way into a home, I can guarantee it will be an adoption that some kind human will never regret.

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