Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Beatrix was adopted!

Well, last week ended with an adoption! Yay!!! We wish every week could end that way : )

Taylor, a volunteer who runs our rescource centre, posted a flyer in his building about Beatrix, a beautiful, gentle 4-year-old female. Someone visiting a friend in the building saw the flyer and gave us a call. He arranged to visit Bea here at the office and, after a chat with Liz and Shelly, decided he would like to share his home with Bea. So far, things have been going just fine (yay, again!).

Bea's story is not unusual. We were contacted by a woman looking to adopt an adult cat. Shelly came across Bea at a shelter and decided that she would be perfect for this woman. Shelly brought Bea home and called the woman to tell her a wonderful cat was waiting for her. The woman said "4 years old! That's too old!" (grrrrr!) So Bea had to wait for some kind soul to open their heart and home to her.

Too many amazing critters are rejected solely because of their age. In Montreal, where 100 animals a day are killed, if you're not a kitten, you don't have a chance. They have so many cats and dogs, only the youngest are given the chance at adoption. Liz was there recently for a meeting on this issue and made it just in time to rescue Minou, who now lives with me. He's a beautiful, rambunctious, energetic 2-year-old (that's him in the pic above). And it makes me sick to think that he would have been killed simply because someone thinks he's "too old". There are simply too many and it's our fault -- but of course, it's the animals that pay the price. I catch myself glaring at people with companion animals that aren't fixed. I bite my tongue when people call the office looking to surrender their animals, especially when they aren't fixed. It's so simple yet this concept seems to be beyond the grasp of some people. Humans claim that we are more evolved and that other species are savage. At this point, I'm no longer surprised by our hypocrisy.

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