Monday, 10 December 2007

Thanks for the visit!

To all of you who visited us yesterday during our drop-in office party, thank you! We had a wonderful time meeting and chatting with you all. And for those who could not attend, perhaps another time. An open-ended invitation is extended to anyone who would like to come to the office for lunch or a quick coffee!

Teddy and Earl were very well behaved during all the chaos of the party; Earl was particularly laid back, contented to sit on anyone's lap, staying wherever he was plunked down! They're both exhausted today, though, poor little guys = ) What patience to put up with people!

That's Bijoux in the picture above. Shelly reports that Bijoux is doing very well, mischievously getting into everything, and getting away with it thanks to that beautiful little face of hers! She has an appointment with the vet soon to decide what to do about her feeding tube. Stay up-to-date by visiting and clicking on Bijoux's story. We have had such an outpouring of support for Bijoux, we really cannot thank you all enough for your compassion and generosity.

I hope that compassion at this time of year extends to people's dinner tables as they sit down to feast. I'm so thankful for my food as I prepare myself to eat, but I can't help cringing as my family digs into turkey. What a brief, difficult and cruel life those birds must endure. I'll have to make sure I bite my tongue before my convictions get the better of me! All I can do is hope that people are thankful and respectful of the lives that were involuntarily sacrificed for them.

(On that cheery note!) Wishing you all a safe and merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa or whatever else you celebrate. And thank you again for all your support for our non-human friends = ^..^ =

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