Thursday, 2 October 2008

Wonderful Winston and his girls

Well, in all the excitement over the past few months, I neglected to tell you all about the latest additions to the Animal Alliance office.

Amidst all the chaos with Annabell and her kittens -- Tony still needs a home = ( -- we received a frantic call from one of our volunteers, Andrea. She was contacted by the shelter that Annabell came from; they had two terrified cats that didn't eat for 10 days. The cats had to be force-fed by shelter staff just to keep them alive. Staff said that unless we could help, they would be forced to euthanize them. We said of course we'll help, we'll find space for them here. So our wonderful volunteer Morris drove with Liz to bring back two very scared little cats, Winston (in the pic) and his sister Molly.

Winston and Molly's story is a sad one. The couple shared their home with Winston and Molly for seven years. The wife died and the husband developed dementia. For a year, Winston and Molly lived with stress and loss before being surrendered to the shelter. Their stress continued weeks after they arrived here. Both had lost weight and could not cope with all the change. Gradually they came out of hiding but a little too late for Molly. She eventually succumbed to her stress; she developed kidney problems and stopped eating and eventually had to be humanely euthanized. With yet another loss of someone familiar, Winston had to figure out a way to cope on his own. His solution was to retreat again.

With all his brothers and mother gone, Tony was also feeling lonely. We decided to try Tony and Winston together. Long story short, about a week later we received yet another call from Andrea asking us to take in two more cats from the shelter to save them from the needle. So in came mommy Spice and her daughter Cajun. But it doesn't stop there -- oh no, there's always something else! In comes Justice, a 19-year-old cat, with terrible health and a whole lot of attitude. We eventually are able to integrate everyone, much to Winston's chagrin. But in just a short while, Winston realizes that this is now his new family. Now he has really come into his own, playing, grooming and sleeping with Cajun and Spice.

The sad news is that now Justice has to be put to sleep; her congestive heart failure has progressed to the point where it would be cruel to try to keep her alive. She wants to go, so we let her.

Now we are left with the task of finding a home for THREE adult cats -- it would be too hard for Winston to be separated from Cajun and Spice, to lose his family again. Please, pass along our plea for a home for three amazing, affectionate, adorable cats. It would be an instant family that I promise you'll love.

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