Thursday, 30 July 2009

Municipal Strike affected City Shelters

There was a lot of talk during Toronto's municipal strike about garbage but not a whole lot about the city shelters. The last time the city was on strike, shelter staff was reduced, and as a result, many animals that needed special care either died or were euthanized.

This year, we were ready. The first day of the strike, Project Jessie Coordinator, Shelly Hawley-Yan, and long-time volunteer, Andrea, rescued dozens of "special needs" animals. In total, Shelly, Andrea, our main office and our wonderful volunteer foster homes have been caring for over 50 animals: rabbits, guinea pigs, orphaned kittens, kittens with moms, you name, we have it!

Some are going to start going back to the shelters, like the bunnies who will have a better chance at finding their forever homes. Some of the mama cats and their babies will be staying with us. All in all, it was a wonderful group effort - shelter staff were great, volunteers stepped up and offered their homes for these animals, and Shelly and Andrea provided amazing support, checking in to make sure everyone is okay and making themselves available around the clock to answer questions.

The little kitty in the pic above is Rosie, a little purring machine, who has been with me and her other foster brother and sisters for about six weeks.

Like I've said before, we're always looking for foster homes and forever homes for these sweet little snuggle bugs. If you, or someone you know, is thinking about opening their hearts and homes to a four-legged friend, please call / e-mail us today.

Main Office: 416-462-9541

Shelly: 519-940-4712

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