Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Meet the Rugrats!

That's Hannah, asking me to play. Her brothers (Shiloh, Isaac and Morris - named after our wonderful volunteer, Morris) were busy elsewhere in the office, causing trouble no doubt!

They have been settling in great, as is Alice in her new home with her new and fantastic family. We're so happy for her, the sweet girl.

We have high hopes for finding homes for these new members of the Animal Alliance family - but finding a place for kittens can be hard, especially these kittens who have tested positive for FIV.

They are perfectly happy and healthy but are carriers for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Like human HIV, FIV is not likely transmissible through casual contact with other cats. Still the stigma of FIV makes people hesitant to care for these special little guys. We're going to try our darnedest to find them the loving homes they deserve, but if these kittens end up staying with us forever, we won't complain = )

Project Jessie has been busy with some pretty tough cases - visit the Project Jessie blog for the stories.

We are awaiting a decision regarding the Environmental Assessment of Presqu'ile Provincial Park, which we began in order to protect deer, cormorants and restoration projects.

We continue to help out TRACS with the Kelowna bunny situation. TRACS has been doing a fantastic job, providing a humane model which can be used in other cities with similar issues.

And we continue to try to mitigate human / wildlife conflict issues in Ontario, working with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to provide advice about progressive and humane resolutions.

Finally, we're gearing up for our annual open house, during which we reconnect with supporters and local community activists. This is a busy time of year for us, to say the least!

Thanks to all who have called and written in support of our campaign to protect bears in Quebec - we will keep you up to date as the issue unfolds.

And a big thank you to everyone for allowing us to continue to protect ALL animals and the environment - our work can be really difficult at times, but we are comforted when we remember that the world DOES have caring people like you, making a difference and speaking out for non-human animals.

Thank you SO much,
lia and the office crew

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