Friday, 14 May 2010

140 OSPCA Animals Still at Risk of Being Killed!

Friday May 14, 2010: What is the fate of the 140 animals that remain under the care of the OSPCA? We don't know. OSPCA spokespersons have not made a commitment that the remaining 140 animals are safe from euthanasia. In fact, in the OSPCA’s own special advisory dated May 13, 2010 Kate MacDonald states, “Let me assure the public that no healthy animals have been or will be euthanized. Animals are being tested and retested to monitor the spread of this disease.” (OSPCA web site, May 13, 2010)

“Where are the clear and unequivocal statements from the OSPCA that no animal of the remaining 140 are at risk of euthanasia?” asked Liz White, Director of Animal Alliance of Canada.

“The animal protection community, the municipalities who have contracts with the OSPCA, staff and donors, and members of the public want assurance that these animals are safe,” continued White. “But as far as I can tell from reviewing the web site and the media, the OSPCA has made no such statement.”

Animal Alliance and Animal Alliance/Environment Voters sent letters to the municipalities, Aurora, Markham and Richmond Hill, who have OSPCA animal control contracts. “These three municipal governments are the only avenues of public oversight into the actions of the OSPCA and then only as it pertains to the animals from all three towns. Otherwise there is no mechanism to require the OSPCA to be held accountable for its actions," White continued. "There is no way to confirm the accuracy of the statements made by the OSPCA. The OSPCA does not provide euthanasia figures and reasons why the animals were killed, even though it is required to provide that information through its contracts with municipalities."

"There is a municipal election this fall. Councillors and residents of all three towns want to know what happened to their animals," continued White. "We have asked all three towns to cease sending animals to the OSPCA until this crisis has been resolved. We are requesting that all three councils hold public meetings to receive public input on the actions of the OSPCA, to address community concerns about the OSPCA’s handling of the situation and to force the OSPCA to publicly account for its actions. We want everyone to remember that the animals paid for this situation with their lives. No more should die."

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