Friday, 25 June 2010

Toronto's Animals affected by G20

While we may be worried about property damage and traffic delays, animals at Toronto Animal Services (TAS) South Centre are feeling the affects too of world leaders descending upon Toronto. Through no fault of their own, TAS staff have decreased access to the building and the animals in their care. Some animals have been moved to the city's other shelters, but for those that remain, we're certain that the end of the G20 cannot come soon enough.

If anyone has a stray who needs help, the South Centre will be back to normal soon. At the moment, animals are being rerouted to the city's other shelters. The Toronto Humane Society (THS), now under new management, will also be reopening at the end of the month. Please feel free to call us if you need any advice.

If you need to rehome your cat or dog, the THS has started booking appointments ("To inquire about surrendering your animal please contact 416 392 2273 ext. 2248 or"). Many groups, including Project Jessie and the THS, will do a curtesy posting - just e-mail a photo, description of your companion animal, and your contact information. This is a great way to minimize the stress of rehoming, especially since coping with a shelter setting is difficult for many animals.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend,
Lia and the AAC crew

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