Monday, 18 October 2010

Please Vote Daily!

Thank you all so much for voting for us (Project Jessie) in the third Animal Rescue Site Shelter+ Challenge with of 2010. The contest closes December 19th and we're holding strong at #1 in Canada! We may be able to win $1000 to help the animals! But we can't get complacent - please keep voting everyday!

And there's one more contest we need help with...the Global Pet Foods "Name Dropping" Contest.

Global Pet Foods has always been very supportive of Project Jessie, and the Global store in Alliston, ON always features one or two of our adoptable kitties. This has really helped increase visibility and helped us to find some fabulous homes for cats.

Global has launched a contest to name their mascots. The top 10 dog and cat vote getters, have a chance to win cat or dog food for a year - or even a new hybrid car. We don't have to be number one in this contest, just in the top 10. Then Global decides who the winners are.

You can vote for one dog and one cat, per computer, everyday. Please vote for "Pompfrey and Lloyd" (currently in 20th) and "Sally" (currently in 46th). The contest closes November 1 so we have just a couple weeks to move up in the rankings!

Also, if you are a Facebook member, be sure to join one or both of our FB groups. Search under Animal Alliance and also under Project Jessie to find them. See you on Facebook!

As always, thanks!
Shelly, Lia and the Project Jessie crew

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