Monday, 17 September 2012

In Memory of Heidi

Linda, one of our wonderful supporters, from Quebec, emailed me about a month ago.  She said "Last Tuesday, I had my beloved Heidi euthanized. She was a weimaraner and 13.5 years old, suffering from arthritis. She was much loved and cared for and I miss her terribly. I want to honor her memory by continuing helping other dogs so  please increase my monthly donation."

I asked Linda if she would be so kind as to share Heidi's story with us.

Animals touch our lives in so many ways.  Sharing our home is perhaps one of the most intimate experiences we will ever have.  What a privilege.

Thank you, Linda, for sharing Heidi's story, for giving her a loving home and a peaceful, dignified passing, your final gift to her.

Our deepest condolences,
Lia, Liz and everyone at Animal Alliance


Here is my story.

Heidi was adopted when she was 8 weeks old. Being a weimaraner, she was bursting with energy and mischief but my older dog, Pumpkin, properly taught her how to behave! She was the most sensitive and intelligent dog to be my companion: almost human-like in her behavior, she always would find a way to make me laugh. She was the most beautiful dog and on each outing, people would stop me to admire Heidi and want to pet her. She was kind to all, especially children and would show respect at all times. Heidi taught me patience, humility and compassion.

Towards the end of her life, I had to help her up when her hind legs would no longer support her. Help her when she had to relieve herself, feeding herself and go up and down the stairs. To help her in such a way taught me compassion  and humility. To other people, I was just that crazy lady who was carrying her dog but I feel a sense such a loving connection with her that I was glad to do this for her. Each time, I would tell her ‘ Mommy is her and will help you’’ . I could see the loving eyes thanking me and this was my reward. One day, I told her: Mommy loves you very much but knows that your life is very difficult, please give me a sign that you are ready to go to the Rainbow bridge and Mommy will help. The morning after, Heidi could no longer get up.

The vet came to my house and the whole family and the dog walker was there: she passed peacefully in my arms, surrounded by all who dearly loved her.

She will always be Mommy’s girl. 

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