Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Video: Thank you Wishing Well Sanctuary!

On May 19th 2012, Wishing Well Sanctuary officially opened to the public.  "An oasis of discovery and development, repose and renewal, our Wishing Well Sanctuary is a centre for personal growth, inner peace, healing and joy. We are also a farm animal sanctuary and therefore we can say that we truly are a sanctuary for all!"

Wishing Well adopted sheep and cows rescued through Animal Alliance, so everyone was excited to see the animals in their new home.  In 2011, when we rescued 32 sheep from the University of Guelph, we rented a barn to house them.  The sheep shared the barn with 8 bulls and 1 cow, owned by an absentee farmer and destined for slaughter. 

The cattle lived ankle deep in their own feces and were without clean water.  Siobhan Poole, of Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, who was taking care of our sheep, was devastated by their condition and began to care for the poor guys.  She fell in love with these nine gentle giants and could not face their fate.  So we worked together to find them homes.

In October of 2011, our nine beloved cows and the final five sheep were moved to their permanent loving home at Wishing Well, run by Brenda Bronfman.  Their journey went smoothly and everyone is doing well.  Brenda is thrilled.  Without her generosity and commitment, this rescue would not have been possible.  And without Siobhan’s tireless work, we could not have saved so many farm animal lives.

They are all living happy and healthy.  We were all ecstatic to see them again, knowing they are safe in Brenda's care.

Click on the video below to see our tribute to Brenda and everyone at Wishing Well =)

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