Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Life and Death of a Racehorse

The Chilling Implications

From Sinikka Crosland, Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

In July 2011, a Standardbred U.S. racehorse named Silky Shark died in a Quebec slaughterhouse.

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition tracked the evidence, showing that Silky Shark had been administered phenylbutazone (a deadly drug that must never enter the food chain) and subsequently slipped through the system undetected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Jack Rodolico of Latitude News has produced an exemplary account of the fate of this beautiful horse - Silky Shark's life in the racing industry, how he fell through the cracks, and what chilling implications his death holds in terms of animal protection and food safety.

Links to articles and podcasts are below.   

The full magazine feature and podcast:

A short version aired on the American radio program Marketplace: 

A slightly longer version aired on Harvest Public Media's network of public radio stations throughout the American Midwest:

A medium-length text version on The Week: 

CHDC's report, Proof of CFIA Failure:


Sammy said...

Horses are "PETS" and do NOT belong in the food-chain, god help me!
Support BILL C-322 in Canada, lift your voices and stand up, for whats right.
Leave our Horses in the pastures where they belong and NOT on a plate....

Sammy said...

Support BILL C-322 in Canada and end the slaughter. t/y! ~