Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Still No Takers...

Earl is still at the office, but I'm not complaining! He is needier than ever and can't seem to get enough love from us. I thought since Buffy and Cujo are in their new home, office productivity would go back up, but I was wrong. Earl cries until you can't take it anymore and give in to playing with him. And it's hard to resist when you seem him jump and run after his toys -- he clears at least three feet! Here he is helping Morris with the mail = ) This great picture was taken by our wonderful co-op student, Carol.

Sorry for not writing over the past couple weeks; we've been busy preparing tax receipts for our monthly donors to our political party, the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada. Yes, it is a mouthful -- we're working on it.

Liz just finished editing a paper written by board member and birder Barry Kent-McKay. The reason for the paper is Parks Canada's inclination to slaughter the cormorants on Middle Island, in Lake Erie, instead of leaving the native bird alone. All their reasons are scientifically unsound, so we're doing our best to talk some sense into them.

And it looks like Liz is on her way back to Guelph. They are close to a decision on the trapping issue. Please visit the link below and let council know that traps should be banned, once and for all!


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