Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Happy Ending!

Our little Earl has finally found a home! While it's not yet official, it seems that Earl has captured some wonderful person's heart. Shelly took him to the vet to have him microchipped and the vet couldn't say no! So for those who thought I was exaggerating...see! He really is a great cat! Here he is supervising Herb, one of our volunteers.

So to take his place, we have a couple more cats coming to the office: a mama cat and her new little kitties and a distressed cat who needs some TLC. Office productivity went back up for about a week and is sure to go back down once the new wiggly kittens arrive tomorrow.

We want them all to find great homes, but we always have such a hard time letting go. We fretted all week when Earl went with Shelly, calling her all the time to check up on him (we're such worry-warts!) It's easy to see how people can become cat collectors!

We have another sweet little guy, Pablo Picasso, currently in foster. He was picked up off the street because he has a bad leg. We thought it was broken but it turned out to be a birth deformity. He limps around and is also deaf, so he's quite a nervous cat. He's coming around, slowly, so we're looking for a special human who's willing to work with him. You can see his video at www.projectjessie.ca. If you or someone you know can help Picasso, please call. We all like happy endings!

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