Friday, 21 November 2008

Winston found a home!

A note from Winston's new human:

"Yesterday, I worked the whole day from home, so he did not hide at all. He spent the whole time talking to me and curling up on my lap or by my feet as I worked. He ate at his dish several times and is now consuming almost a good tin of wet food a day. I went out last night and when I returned, he wasn't under the bed, but greeted me from a chair in my living room.

He was also very playful....running around and chewing at his toys...running into his tent for his favourite game.

He now spends the whole night on the bed curled up beside me. He gets up occasionally for what sounds like a snack...and then returns. He was even less distressed when I ran the washing machine yesterday!

He's become a lot more curious and talkative as well. I'm really surprised by his progress and am very happy to see him starting to blossom. He is the softest, sweetest boy and I really love having his company."

We couldn't have asked for a happier ending!

We're having withdrawl here at the office but thankfully we have two new kittens to distract us from missing Winnie. Spice and Cajun are surrogate mothers to our new little girls -- if anyone is looking for an instant family, give us a call!

Hope everyone has as good a weekend as Winston = ^..^=

Below is a video of Cajun and Spice (Winston is in his tent, as usual)

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