Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Help Stop the Commercial Seal Hunt

This Saturday, March 14th, a rally is being planned in Toronto by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Zoocheck and other animal welfare groups as part of the International Day of Action Against the Commercial Seal Hunt.

Join with local environmental and animal protection advocates in your area and across the country and register your opposition to Canada's annual slaughter of harp and hooded seals, set to get started in just a few weeks.

Toronto Anti-Seal Hunt Rally
March 14th, 2009
1:45 - 3:00 pm
Yonge & Dundas Square
Facebook event page
RSVP Contact: Ellie Dickson,

The 'Harper Seals' band will be performing for 30 minutes as a way to raise awareness about the commercial seal hunt. Songs include 'Do you really want to hurt me' and 'Staying alive'. So bring your friends and family, make your own posters and signs and come out to the event to have your voice heard!

To find the most up-to-date information on the event being planned for your area as well as other events being organized across the country visit the website of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Interested in knowing who else in your area is participating? Each event has its own page on Facebook.

Animal Alliance of Canada will be at the rally with a video camera for those who'd like to record a personal message of opposition to the seal hunt. These video messages will be sent to Members of the European Parliament who will be voting next month on a resolution which could ban all harp and hooded seal products from Canada. If you are unable to attend the rally on Saturday, you can schedule a time to be videotaped at Animal Alliance of Canada's office at 221 Broadview Avenue anytime between 10am - 7pm this Saturday or Sunday by contacting Lia at 416-462-9591x 24 or email

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) supports the efforts of those groups that are working to end Canada's commercial seal hunt, on the grounds that the hunt, as it's being conducted, is exceedingly cruel and unnecessary.

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