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Project Jessie - Sad News and Happy News

Sad news - and we could really use your help.

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Although we are always careful as to how we spend our dollars, this program has never been focused solely on the costs. For example, we have never euthanized an animal in the program solely because the vetting costs were going to be high. We have never refused to help an animal that we knew would cost us money because they needed extra help – dental work, medications, extra vetting etc.

This past week was a shocker. Cameo came into our program from a high kill shelter that would have sent her to research, or killed her using gas. She would have spent her last days either in a lab, or gasping out the last moments of her life with burning lungs.

She was a young dog, just over a year old, and seemed to be in good spirits and in good health. She spent a few fine days at her foster home and everything seemed to be going well. She was eating well, loved going for walks, and was playful and silly with the other dogs when the mood struck.

She went to the vet for the same treatment that all Project Jessie dogs undergo – an over all examination, basic bloodwork, spaying, vaccinations and microchipping.

Everything looked good – until the vet actually had her on the table and made the first incision.

Cameo stopped breathing.

Not sure what was happening, the vet manually breathing for her, they took an x-ray and found something astonishing. Cameo had been brutally traumatized at some point – her diaphragm was ruptured and most of her abdominal organs were up inside her ribcage instead of where they belonged. Her liver was wrapped up and over her heart.

This was a major issue. We either needed to euthanize her on the spot – or try and perform heroic surgery on her. Because she was young and very sweet, we felt she deserved a chance.

Two vets spent the next 4 hours putting everything back into place, and repairing the damages. Based on the type of injury and the fact that healing had started to take place (for example her liver was adhering – starting to grow attached to her heart), it was surmised that she was likely hit by a car or had some similar type of blunt force trauma happen to her 3 or 4 months previously.

She did well – seeming to recover well from the anesthetic and going on the next day to eat, get up and wander a bit, and to follow the vet outside for a bathroom break. In fact she had just had a little wander, had come back to her bed to rest and about 20 minutes later – she suddenly and quietly died. We were all devastated.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, poor Cameo wasn’t strong enough to make it. She is a perfect example of the types of sad surprises we encounter when dealing with animals. There was no indication that anything was amiss, and no indication that she would be such an expensive girl. Despite very deep discounts that our vet gave to us, her bill was almost $4000.

Should we have spend that much money on one dog when we could have covered routine costs for probably 20 other Project Jessie animals with the same money? If my crystal ball was working and I knew that she wouldn’t make it – obviously I wouldn’t have put her through the long surgery. It would have been kinder to let her go.

But we didn’t know. We didn’t know she was damaged before she came in and we didn’t know that the surgery wouldn’t work. She was already in the program, and we had already made the commitment to help her be healthy and adoptable and to find her a home.

How could we not try?

Unfortunately, it didn’t work, and unfortunately we now have a big vet bill that needs paying. I don’t normally ask for money in this newsletter, but I am asking today.

I know that times are tough for everyone. We are already seeing a slow down in adoptions and hearing from people who are giving up their animal companions because of the economy.

If everyone reading this message would consider donating a mere $10 we would more than cover Cameo’s bill – as well as the other Project Jessie animals.

We rescued dear Aldwin – a very sweet senior shihtzu just a couple of months ago and his vet needs amounted to about $1200. The beautiful Himalayan with the strange bump on her nose needed it removed because it was cancerous. Her bill was $500. A lovely little American Eskimo came in 2 weeks ago. Although he was already neutered, he needed 23 rotten teeth removed and his bill came to $400.

Although most of the animals that come into our program only need the basics (spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping) every little “extra” needs to be covered by donations. Yes, we do charge an adoption fee. But in most cases, it does not fully cover the vet bill. We rely on compassionate people like you, who believe that these animals deserve to have a second chance at a nice life.

You can make a one-time donation online using our secure server via the website https://wwws.vex.net/aac/jessieform.py or by mailing a cheque, or credit card info to the main office 221 Broadview Ave., Suite 101, Toronto, ON M4M 2G3 or please consider becoming a monthly donor.

Every little bit helps so much!

Thank you for caring, and for helping us to help the animals!


For more information about the program, please visit www.ProjectJessie.ca Thank you!!!


Thank YOU!!!

Animal Alliance supporters are the very best!

Thank you so, so much for your help! Donations big and small have been coming in and as of this morning we have covered Cameo's bill.

I am so grateful to all of you. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!

Although the financial support was much needed and VERY appreciated, I was also incredibly touched by the kind words of support and love that were included as well.

This type of work can be emotionally draining, and you can feel like you are slogging away and no one notices. It is SO nice that you would take the time to write such wonderful and supportive messages. It really means a lot to know that you are all out there quietly supporting us, and thinking about the animals.

Thank you!!!

Thank you for caring, and for helping us to help the animals!


For more information about the program, please visit www.ProjectJessie.ca Thank you!!!

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