Monday, 31 August 2009

Special Needs Cat in Need of Special Home

Picasso is a well cared for socialized grey and white deaf cat with a back leg deformity. He was found in a stray cat colony in the winter and rescued by AAC Board Member, Marie Crawford, and a colleague. The twisted back leg led us to believe he was badly injured, but an x-ray proved that the defect was either there since birth or due to a bad injury that healed without medical assistance. He was checked for disease, neutered, given all shots and deworming aid. The vets' decided that amputation of the back leg would not help his mobility since he seems to use it to get around just fine. We decided to not place him back in the colony since it would seem he had a hard enough life as it was. The fact that he was also deaf made his little story that much more incredible. He survived for two years in the wild like this!

He was terribly fearful of people and it took a year for Marie to gain his trust. Now he is a changed cat and is a lovable companion. The only problem is that he is terribly lonely. Marie owns her own business and is gone for the most part of the day - every day. He cries constantly when he can't see her and she can hear his screams (boy - deaf cats sure have a pair of lungs!!) for a block down the street when she leaves the house. Marie would like to find him a home where he can enjoy the company of another cat and/or the presence of a person who is home a lot.

"A large part of me does not want to lose this lovely little guy, but I know he could have a much richer life elsewhere - since he is a special needs cat he needs a special home!! Would perhaps do well with lots of other cats. If anyone could recommend a home for him I would be grateful," Marie.

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