Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Hurray for Kitties!

As hard as it was for me to let them go, the four orphaned kittens I was fostering during the municipal strike have now all gone back to the shelter. Even though I have fostered before, it was particularly difficult this time to say goodbye.

Shelters and rescue groups all across Ontario are having a hard time finding homes for cats - there are simply too many abandoned cats and still more being born everyday. I sent back my fosters not knowing how long they would remain in the shelter, but I was comforted to know that we would be called should the shelter become crowded or should the kitties become depressed / ill.

I have thought about the kitties everyday for the past few weeks and received great news yesterday. The two most rambunctious kittens have been adopted! Hurray! The other two girls were being spayed yesterday, and after they recoup, they will be up for adoption. I'll cross my fingers that they are just as lucky to find their forever homes. As much as I want to, my allergies simply would not permit me to integrate two more cats into my home ( I have a hard enough time with my two rescues as it is! ).

Shelly reports that a few of her fosters have also found homes. Yay!

The office cats, Bobby and Alice, have been together now for over a month. They still do not like each other but seem to be tolerant enough so that no major battles happen. Even though Bobby is bigger, he was declawed by his previous people, so Alice could put him in his place if she chose to. But she's a lover, not a fighter, one of the most gentle cats we've ever had in the office.

On top of dealing with cats in need of homes, we've been working on some pretty big issues, including cormorants, human / wildlife conflict, and barn fires. But that's for another day. I'm just so happy that, after a long wait, cats are finding their forever homes. I'd like to wrap up on a happy note = )

Tail wags, everyone!

lia and the AAC office crew

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