Monday, 4 July 2011

Project Jessie Shelter Challenge

A New Shelter Challenge Starts Today

Thank you for voting!

The few challenges ago, because of YOU Project Jessie came in first place (for Canada) in this challenge and won $1000. Last challenge we came in third.

Perhaps we can try to push for first again?

If you are going to vote from multiple sites, you do need to "setup" each page once.

Search under "Project Jessie", city "Caledon" "ON" just like you did the first time, but after that, it will take you back to "the shelter you last voted for".

If you keep this email, you can click from any of the links below every day. You can vote up to 17 times a day if you have the time - I REALLY appreciate it!

And feel free to pass this email along to friends and family.

Thank you SO MUCH for your help!!!

Shelly and crew =^..^=

These are all the places where you can go EVERY DAY to vote !!!

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