Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sheep Moving!

This weekend, Liz will be delivering six more sheep to their new permanent home in Kingston.  Yay!  We knew that getting all 30 sheep into sanctuaries would take some time, but now that most of them are in homes and this process is winding down, it's a bitter-sweet feeling.

So four more sheep are scheduled to go to their new home in August, leaving the last three guys for a final lucky adopter.

One home that adopted two sheep decided to adopt two more.  Apparently the reunion was quite a sight!  The boys ran to each other and chatted up a storm (awwww!).  The new arrivals got a guided tour of their new home and seemed to have no difficulty adjusting to their new environment.  Next time we'll have to try to capture that on video!

Tail wags,
Lia and the AAC crew

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